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Viral Diseases

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THP-0176 Rabies immune globulin, human 1 vial $3,998.00
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THP-0177 Human Varicella Zoster Immune Globulin 1 vial $3,998.00
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THP-0178 Idursulfase, Human iduronate-2-sulfatase(IDS) 100ug $1,498.00
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300ug $3,998.00
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THP-0179 Interferon alfa-n1 1 vial $3,998.00
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THP-0180 Interferon alfa-n3 1 vial $3,998.00
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THP-0181 Interferon beta-1a 1 vial $3,998.00
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THP-0194 Hepatitis B Vaccine Antigen (Recombinant) 20ug $398.00
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THP-0198 AG-702, HSPs 1 vial $3,998.00
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THP-0197 Albinterferon Alfa-2B, Albumin-interferon alpha 1 vial $3,998.00
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THP-0270 Interferon Tau (IFN-Tau) 1 vial $3,998.00
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About 20% of population deaths are related to infectious diseases, of which viral infections occupy an important place. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 37 million people worldwide are infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), 257 million with hepatitis B virus (HBV), 70 million with hepatitis C virus (HCV, viral hepatitis), and 3 to 5 million with influenza each year.

Vaccination is considered to be the best way to protect people from viral infections. However, vaccines tend to lose their effectiveness quickly during the rapid evolution of pathogens, so scientists have been searching for effective antiviral drugs. To date, more than 100 antiviral drugs have been officially registered, and their number continues to grow at an average rate of 4-6 new drugs per year.

Viral diseases

Creative BioMart focuses on the promise of therapeutic proteins in viral diseases, offering a diverse range of therapeutic proteins, including hepatitis B vaccine antigen, interferon, etc., to assist researchers in the field of viral disease treatment and drug development to conduct relevant research and develop potential therapeutic compounds.

Therapeutic proteins and viral diseases

Immunoglobulins (IG) are produced by the spleen, lymph nodes, and other lymph plasma cells in tissues that produce globulins that have antibody activity or are chemically similar to antibodies. Immunoglobulins are also widely used in various immunodeficiency diseases, autoimmune diseases, and infectious diseases because of their low side effects and the ability to increase doses.

In addition to this, scientists are constantly searching for new targets in the development of drugs for the treatment of viral diseases to inhibit viral multiplication or to influence the life cycle of the virus. Some of these drugs affect the host rather than the virus, such as interferons (IFNs) and their inducers. Interferons have immunomodulatory, antiviral, and antibacterial functions and, as biologically active secreted proteins, are major components of the immune system of the animal body.

As research progresses, the physicochemical characteristics, mechanisms of action, and molecular structures of interferons and immunoglobulins, which are therapeutic proteins, are becoming clearer, providing a useful reference for later research on the treatment of viral diseases. Creative BioMart , as a specialist in therapeutic proteins, continues to provide a diverse range of high-quality therapeutic protein products to researchers in the field of viral disease treatment and drug development. If you do not find your target therapeutic protein product in the current category, please contact our staff directly for the latest product information.


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