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Belatacept, Recombinant human CTLA4 protein, Fc tagged

Cat# : THP-0102

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THP-0102 Belatacept, Recombinant human CTLA4 protein, Fc tagged March 01, 2024 5mg $1,000.00
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Cat#:  THP-0102
Product Name:  Belatacept, Recombinant human CTLA4 protein, Fc tagged
Description:  The product is a soluble fusion protein, which links the extracellular domain of human cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated antigen 4 (CTLA-4) to the modified Fc (hinge, CH2, and CH3 domains) portion of human immunoglobulin G1 (IgG1). Structurally, the product is a glycosylated fusion protein with a MALDI-MS molecular weight of 92,300 Da and it is a homodimer of two homologous polypeptide chains of 357 amino acids each. It is produced through recombinant DNA technology in mammalian CHO cells. The drug has activity as a selective co-stimulation modulator with inhibitory activity on T lymphocytes.
Species:  Human
Molecular Weight:  92300.0 Da (with glycosylation)
Source:  CHO
Purity:  >99% by SDS-Page and HPLC analysis
Cas No:  706808-37-9
Formula:  C3508H5440N922O1096S32
Endotoxin Level:  <0.001 EU per 1 μg by the LAL method
Biological Activity:  250mg
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