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Chronic Kidney Disease

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The kidneys are important organs for filtering and cleaning the blood and maintaining water and electrolyte balance in the body. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a common condition that is often diagnosed at the most advanced stage, also known as chronic kidney failure. It is a condition that presents with structural or functional abnormalities of the kidneys for more than 3 months and has health consequences.

CKD is becoming increasingly common worldwide and has become a global public health problem. CKD progressively worsens over time and irreversibly results in loss of kidney function. Most CKD is currently difficult to cure, and the goal of treatment is primarily to control complications and slow disease progression to avoid advanced stages.

CKD is divided into five stages, with treatment in stages 1-4 focusing on protecting kidney function, and in stage 5 (the most severe stage of CKD, also known as kidney failure), the kidneys will no longer be able to sustain normal life activities. Most patients require a kidney transplant or long-term hemodialysis treatment to remove the waste and excess water excreted by the kidneys.

Chronic Kidney DiseaseFigure 1. The five stages of chronic kidney disease.

For patients with end-stage CKD requiring hemodialysis, an arteriovenous fistula (AVF) is surgically created to provide vascular access for dialysis operation. Vascular tissue is rich in elastic fibers, which help maintain vascular elasticity. Vonapanitase is a 26 kDa recombinant human chymotrypsin-like elastase family member 1 (CELA1). It cleaves the elastin component of elastic fibers, leading to an increase in vessel diameter. It is a recombinant human elastase designed to improve the outcome of hemodialysis vascular access.

Previous studies have shown that when vonapanitase is applied to the external surface of blood vessels (arteries and veins) in patients who have undergone surgery to produce AVF, it helps to maintain vascular patency. Vonapanitase is being studied for the treatment of CKD and may improve AVF patency, keeping the AVF open and allowing sufficient blood flow for hemodialysis. In addition, vonapanitase may have applications in diseases where vascular injury leads to vascular obstruction and reduced blood flow.

Creative BioMart has always provided support for patients with CKD. We support research into the treatment of CKD by providing vonapanitase to our clients in the field of renal problems. We assist our customers in accelerating the use of vonapanitase in the treatment of CKD patients. We welcome inquiries from anyone who shares our goals. You can also place an order online to start your research project as soon as possible. We look forward to collaborating with you in your research on how vonapanitase works in CKD treatment.


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